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Good quality sleep is such a vital component of our long term health. While we sleep, our body is still working hard to repair and heal all aspects of itself. When we aren’t getting the rest we need, it impacts our mental capacity, including our ability to react and reason along with impacting our mood; people are more likely to have episodes of anxiety and/or depression when they arent sleeping well. Poor sleeps also influences our bodies immune system and its ability to heal and fight off viruses and pathogens day to day. Poor sleep has been linked to a higher increase in the likelihood of having heart disease, diabetes and infections. And this is just the tip of the ice burg. Regardless, it’s easy to see that sleeping well is important for a lifetime of good health. The problem is that most people do not sleep well and find themselves in a downward spiral of low energy and coffee to get through the day. And this is where acupuncture can help.

Acupuncture re-balances the body in many different ways at one time. First, it is very effective at taking people out of fight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system) and putting them back in a rest and digest state (parasympathetic nervous system). Most people underestimate how often they are truly in fight or flight. Dont forget that high stress, whether at work or in your personal life, is the equivalent to the body as a state of survival. This means that you will be more vigilant, there will be more adrenaline and stress hormones surging through the body, the mind will be more active and it will be harder to breath and calm down, let alone sleep deep at night. Second, acupuncture is very effective at calming the mind (both for an anxious mind and for a depressed state). Most patients report a feeling of mental and emotional calmness after their treatments which can last for days or even weeks. Third, acupuncture is wonderful at dumping stress off the system. In Chinese medicine, stress impacts the body by causing stagnation, a lack of flow of energy and blood. This stagnation leads to tensions in certain areas of the body, a place that we store stress. By using acupuncture needles as metal conductors of energy we can effectively move this stagnation out of the body, thereby reducing stress and calming the body. The end result is that patients sleep harder at night, find it easier to fall asleep and sleep for longer periods of time after they receive regular acupuncture treatments. If you are someone who struggles with insomnia, or if you know someone who is challenged by this, dont wait, Schedule online today!

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"I was unclear about the benefits of coaching when I first came in to Seattle Acupuncture and Coaching but I had the feeling that I needed to try it. Ben was gracious enough to sit with me and answer all of my questions about the benefits of coaching and how it could help me. Having my coaching session every week allows me time to fully express my life challenges, my personal thoughts and fears. I never get the feeling that I am being judged by Ben, I always feel like I am being met where I am, and now I have emotional support to give me the confidence to take steps that are changing my life. I feel like a new person. Anyone who doesn't try coaching is missing out on something wonderful."

~SK, Seattle

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