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The stomach in Chinese medicine has the same function as the stomach in western medicine. The stomach’s job is to receive food and begin the degrading process of food. The stomach works in conjunction with the spleen to take energy from the food we eat and transport it throughout our bodies.

The stomach meridian is one of the bigger meridians with 45 acupuncture points. The meridian runs from bottom of the eye, down the front of the body, down the lateral side of the leg to the tip of the second toe. The stomach meridian can also be called the Foot Yang Ming Channel and its paired meridian is the large intestine meridian otherwise known as the Hand Yang Ming Channel. The time of the stomach meridian is from 7-9 am which shows how eating a good breakfast can really benefit the body. The stomach is a yang organ and its pair yin organ is the spleen. A healthy stomach can be shown by a thin white coating on the tongue. The energy flow of the stomach is in a downward direction. When the stomach is having trouble staying in balance (like when we eat too much food) the energy can shift directions causing hiccups and burping. Once the energy moves through the stomach meridian, the next meridian it enters is the spleen meridian. Below are the most commonly used points on the stomach channel and their functions.

ST-6- great point for jaw pain

ST-7- great point for jaw pain

ST-14-18- great points for opening up the chest

ST-25- This is a very common point used for digestive issues including constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and food stagnation.

*all the stomach points on the abdomen can be used to help the digestive system

ST-34- great point for acute stomach aches

ST-35- This point is part of the “eyes” of the knee and is used commonly to treat knee pain.

ST-36- This point is the most commonly used acupuncture point of all times. Its functions are vast including tonifying the entire body, helping the digestive tract, balancing the meridians and increasing someone’s energy.

ST-40- This point is used to drain phlegm from the body and to help the function of the spleen.

ST-44- This is a great point to help release heat from the body, especially the stomach.

These are the most commonly used stomach points in acupuncture.

"I was delightfully surprised after my first acupuncture visit with Ben. I had never received acupuncture before and I honestly was quite nervous about it. The way in which Ben treated me was very warm and comforting. He allowed me to get over my own personal needle fears and try acupuncture.

And I am so thankful that I did because it impacted my life in a very positive way. His treatments helped me remove my back pain and to finally be able to sleep fully through the night. I would highly recommend going to Seattle Acupuncture and Coaching for any of your personal health needs"

~SH, Seattle, Wa

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