Accelerated Emotional Healing

Accelerated Emotional Healing

Accelerated Emotional Healing (AEH) is a program I developed after spending over a decade and countless hours searching for the right tools to help myself heal emotionally from depression, anxiety, insecurities and chronic negative self-talk. I then spent thousands of hours coaching clients in my private practice and applying what I learned to help them heal as well. This program has been intensely tested and finely tuned to be able to bring you the most efficient and effective tools for emotional healing.

AEH is a somatic style of emotional healing that uses your body, emotions and thoughts as a road map for finding and understanding your deep emotional wounds and patterning. It is based on a belief that your body is highly intelligent, incredibly trustworthy and always operates for your highest good. This approach allows for complete openness and very deep listening with your emotional system which ends up accelerating your ability to become aware of yourself. In sessions, we assume any and all feelings and thoughts that are present in your body are ones that your body wants us to use as a starting point, and a window into what is happening for you. We then create intentions, have deep conversations, ask powerful questions and create homework to help accelerate your healing. Clients report feeling deeply supported, lighter, clearheaded, and incredibly calm following AEH sessions.

The Accelerated Emotional Healing Program- is a two-month program that includes:

– A 1.5-hour coaching session each week for 8 weeks (virtual or in person)
– Homework with structured exercises and documents
– Unlimited emailing for tips and support between sessions
– A 30-minute check in call 2 x per month

If you have been struggling with challenging or painful feelings (and thoughts) and haven’t been able to find the relief you’ve been longing for, this program is perfect for you! Email me today if you are interested in learning more or beginning the AEH program.