Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Being human is anything but straightforward, our lives are an on-going unfolding of experiences that we have to adapt to in order to thrive. Whether it be a stressful work environment, wanting to attract the right relationships, wanting to be a better communicator, or a desire to feel more connected and purposeful, we all need the right tools and support in order to create the best lives for ourselves. Life coaching helps you see clearly how your authentic self has so much to offer, and to better understand the unique and wonderful ways you operate. In doing so, you can then aim for things in your life that best meet your needs and satisfy you the most.

My coaching sessions are 1-on-1 conversations that offer a combination of intention setting, deep listening, insightful questions and mindfulness exercises. They are designed to be transformative and empowering, leaving my clients lighter and full of energy when they leave. I offer 1-hour and 1.5-hour sessions depending on how much support someone needs in order to achieve their goals and feel better. My style of coaching is an incredibly effective modality for addressing the following things:

-A desire to create a more satisfying life
-Wanting to feel more confident
-Struggling with anxiety or depression
-A craving for high quality relationships/partnerships
-How to thrive in relationships
-Feeling stuck or disconnected from your life
-Struggling to find inner peace
-A desire to pursue your passions
-A desire to be more authentic
-A desire to be more present day-to-day

Right now, I am offering a special first-time patient package for people who are interested in getting a taste of the effectiveness of Life Coaching – Buy 2 Coaching Sessions, Get 1 FREE. This is a great way to experience coaching with little risk or cost. You can also schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation if you want to learn more about the coaching process and how it can benefit you specifically. Schedule online today!

5/23/20 - The office is open for in person acupuncture and coaching sessions. Virtual coaching sessions are also still available.
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