Welcome to the downloadable meditation page. Meditations, also referred to as sits, is something that is done with clients one-on-one during coaching sessions. It is a form of guided connection, to help people build awareness within themselves and to help end different ways people battle with who they are naturally. Guided sits encourage a loving and open form of listening to how the body speaks to you.

These two recorded sits will hopefully bring some guidance and structure to sitting by yourself at home (or office) or for those of you who haven’t experienced coaching before, hopefully you will find it relaxing and helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!

5 Minute Meditation

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10 Minute Meditation

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"I was unclear about the benefits of coaching when I first came in to Seattle Acupuncture and Coaching but I had the feeling that I needed to try it. Ben was gracious enough to sit with me and answer all of my questions about the benefits of coaching and how it could help me. Having my coaching session every week allows me time to fully express my life challenges, my personal thoughts and fears. I never get the feeling that I am being judged by Ben, I always feel like I am being met where I am, and now I have emotional support to give me the confidence to take steps that are changing my life. I feel like a new person. Anyone who doesn't try coaching is missing out on something wonderful."

~SK, Seattle

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