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Anxiety is an ailment that really responds well to acupuncture treatments. Our goal is to connect with our patients and get an overall picture of why anxiety has shown up in the body, i.e. – stress, food, sleep patterns, emotional patterns, etc. Once these factors are taken into consideration, we then build a treatment around calming the mind, helping people feel more grounded in their body, removing stress and creating more balance. This is done by using a special combination of acupuncture needles and cupping. Cupping is like a reverse massage, where we create a vacuum in a glass cup that sucks up the muscles and tension in certain parts of the body, usually the back, neck and sometimes hips. We then run the cups down that area of the body to help remove any tension, scar tissue, stress, toxins and emotions that are present in this location. Cupping feels very good, most patients describe it as a deep tissue massage that they request every time they come in for a treatment.

We then place acupuncture needles in the chosen points on the body. It has been proven that acupuncture needles release endorphins and other positive chemicals into the body which explains why patients feel lighter, happier and their mind calms down when they leave the treatment. Needles are left in the body for 15 minutes while we stay in the room with you. Patients typically fall asleep. Any concerns you may have about acupuncture will be answered on the FAQ page on the top of the website.

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"It's not every day that you come across a healer that truly embodies the qualities that I always envisioned a healer to have, especially in our current world where healthcare has become more about money and less about patient care.

Ben is someone who I believe is approaching his patients from his heart because he interacts with me as an equal, not as a person with a certain disease.

I have seen Ben for 4 months now, and acupuncture (with Chinese herbs) has become a regular routine for my health. "

~GW, Everett, Wa

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