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The process of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy is so exciting and yet for some women trying to get pregnant can be incredibly frustrating and heartbreaking. Thankfully, acupuncture happens to be a powerful medicine when it comes to fertility, helping women get pregnant, and supporting them to have a healthy pregnancy. And this is true for women who are trying to naturally get pregnant or who are using acupuncture in conjunction with a western medicine approach.

Trying Naturally

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are holistic modalities that take the entire body into consideration when it comes to helping women get pregnant. I not only teach clients how to track and time their cycle but I also gauge what their body needs in order to get pregnant easily. Typically, this falls into two large categories, stress or deficiency, but is not limited to this.

Some women who carry a lot of stress and spend a tremendous amount of energy throughout their day, like working long hours, too many high intensity workouts, and finding it difficult to get enough rest, have trouble getting pregnant because the body is being worn out. Acupuncture treatments are designed and focused around removing stress and tension off the body, helping soothe the nervous system and boosting nutrients. Most of my patients report feeling much calmer and looser afterwards and combined with the proper timing of their cycles have a much better chance to naturally get pregnant.

For other women, getting pregnant can be hard due to deficiency. This can be caused by a number of factors like body type, eating habits, working long hours, intense exercise, years of anxiety, or a combo of things. Your type of deficiency and what is causing it is discovered through the initial interview process and we design a treatment protocol to boost the body in the way it needs. Typically, it is done with a combination of vitamins, Chinese herbs, moxa (heat) and diet.

Supporting Western Medicine

Studies have shown that when women use acupuncture alongside a western medicine approach to fertility their chances of getting pregnant greatly increases. Typically, this means that acupuncture is being done for a period of time before and after procedures like egg harvesting, embryo transfers, donor egg transfers, IVF and other similar procedures. In many European countries with universal healthcare, acupuncture is required or strongly recommended before western medicine procedures are done.


It is not just women who are helped by acupuncture during the fertility process. Acupuncture also impacts men’s contribution to the equation by helping them have higher sperm counts and better sperm quality. This is accomplished during treatment by removing stress, soothing the nervous system and helping their energy levels. Also, we evaluate diet and lifestyle in order to boost their body’s nutrients, increase proper exercise, remove unhealthy foods/drinks, remove bad habits and promote the best possible chance for a healthy body.

About Me

I spent many hours training in the fertility clinic with well-known Doctors of Chinese medicine at Bastyr University, learning how to customize Chinese herbal formulas, track and gather information about a women’s body through using a basal body temperature chart and using the proper acupuncture points before and during pregnancy in order to support patients to accomplish a health and easy pregnancy. I was also trained to understand the western medicine approach to fertility and how to support clients as they move through that process. At my clinic I strive to connect and help people feel empowered throughout this process of getting pregnant and having a health pregnancy. I feel honored to be a part of people’s process and I look forward to connecting with you. If you have any questions about acupuncture or Chinese medicine please feel free to email or call me or you can book a free 30-minute consultation through the website.

"It's not every day that you come across a healer that truly embodies the qualities that I always envisioned a healer to have, especially in our current world where healthcare has become more about money and less about patient care.

Ben is someone who I believe is approaching his patients from his heart because he interacts with me as an equal, not as a person with a certain disease.

I have seen Ben for 4 months now, and acupuncture (with Chinese herbs) has become a regular routine for my health. "

~GW, Everett, Wa

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