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The functions of the large intestines in Chinese medicine are similar to the functions of the large intestines in western medicine. The large intestines receive waste from the small intestines, they excrete waste from the body, and they reabsorb water. It is a yang organ whose paired yin organ are the lungs. The time of day when the large intestines are at their peak function is between 5-7am in the morning. This suggests that having a bowel movement in the morning is preferred over any other time during the day. Here is the large intestine meridian.

The large intestine meridian is one of the biggest energy channels in the body. Another name for this meridian is the Hand Yang Ming meridian. Its partner is The Foot Yang Ming, better known as the stomach meridian. This implies an inner relationship between the stomach and the large intestines. The large intestine meridian runs from the tip of the finger (LI-1) to the corner of the nose (LI-20). It is a meridian that is used quite commonly to treat many symptoms, mainly due to its high energy reservoir and its ability to impact the stomach. Below is a list of the most common points on the large intestine meridian and their functions. Once the energy in the body moves through the large intestine meridian, it then moves into the stomach meridian.

LI-4- This is the point that tells the large intestines how to do their job. It is also used to release colds from the body, to remove pain from the body, frontal headaches and other digestive issues. LI-4 is part of “the four gates” which is a common point combination to move Qi (energy) in the body. The other point in “the four gates” is Liver-3.

LI-5- Removes heat from the digestive tract, stops gum bleeding and calms the spirit.

LI-6- Connects the large intestines meridian to the lung meridian. It helps the lungs regulate water.

LI-7- detoxifies the digestive tract, harmonizes the stomach and intestines.

LI-8- Harmonizes the small intestines

LI-9- Harmonizes the large intestines

LI-10- Harmonizes the stomach. This point is the paired point on the arms to the very famous point Stomach 36 on the legs. This is one of the best points for harmonizing the stomach.

LI-11- This is one of the biggest cooling points in the body. It releases heat not only in the digestive tract but the entire body.

LI-15- Very common point used to help relieve shoulder pain.

LI-20- A very common point used to drain nasal fluids when someone has nasal congestion.

"I had become quite frustrated over the years with western medicine and I was looking for an alternative. I heard good things about Seattle Acupuncture and Coaching from a friend and figured I would give it a try.

It was the first time in many years where I felt truly taken care of by a healthcare practitioner. I love seeing Ben for Acupuncture and now I started doing Coaching with him as well and it is changing my life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

~DR, Everett, Wa

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