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One of the most common ailments that comes through my office door day to day is neck pain. Acupuncture is easily one the best modalities to help treat neck pain because it has no side effects, it helps relax the mind and the muscles and it reduces inflammation which reduces pain and improves mobility. Acupuncture approaches the body as a holistic system which means we look at a bigger picture and have multiple approaches to make sure the neck pain is truly healed in time.

Most people know by now that neck pain is extremely common due to our sedentary lifestyle, both from our office jobs but also from our commute time and sitting in front of our computer and television for much longer then we should. However, there are other things that can contribute to neck pain showing up as well.

First, the neck and shoulders are a place where people tend to store their stress and emotions which means this area is more prone to tension then other places in the body. Naturally, one thing that helps reduce neck pain is to help patients manage their stress and emotions better. Most of us were never given a set of emotional tools or any guidance for managing how we feel and how to deal with our life in a productive and smooth way. Instead, we have just done our best to make it through our life day to day, which means a lot of people are in survival mode. This is why I always recommend my clients to either go through my Coaching for Inspired Living Program or go see a counselor or therapist in order to find the emotional support we all need.

Second, since this area is prone to tension and because a lot of people manage their stress by working out and going to the gym, I recommend people be conscious of the exercises and the exertion they are choosing to help reduce their stress. When you work out intensely and add more tightness to an already tight area, it is destined to make it worse. Instead, I recommend clients do gentler movements like yoga or incorporate stretching into their routine in order to relieve tension in these areas as much as possible.

Third, Chinese medicine is a big fan of heat- hot packs, hot tubs, hot showers, hot tea, etc. With any kind of pain in the body, we always diagnose this as a Qi and Blood Stagnation. The Qi is the energy in the body, the blood is the blood and the lack of movement of these things causes an energetic bottle neck to occur which causes pain. Since cold tends to make things more congested, heat is always recommended to help with body pain.

And last, for those of you who do not get enough movement, one of the best things you can do for your body is get off your butt and move. This can be as mellow as walking a few miles each day; biking, swimming, running, stretching, yoga, etc are great as well. Movement helps remove stagnation and allows the body to feel better.

Acupuncture is a very powerful and effective modality for pain management, especially neck pain. If you are tired of suffering with neck pain make sure to try acupuncture as one of your first steps to healing.

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"I was delightfully surprised after my first acupuncture visit with Ben. I had never received acupuncture before and I honestly was quite nervous about it. The way in which Ben treated me was very warm and comforting. He allowed me to get over my own personal needle fears and try acupuncture.

And I am so thankful that I did because it impacted my life in a very positive way. His treatments helped me remove my back pain and to finally be able to sleep fully through the night. I would highly recommend going to Seattle Acupuncture and Coaching for any of your personal health needs"

~SH, Seattle, Wa

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