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The heart in Chinese medicine is one of the most important organs in the entire body, it is referred to as the Monarch. The heart is in charge of governing the blood, controlling the blood vessels, and housing the mind (called the Shen in Chinese medicine). The function of governing the blood and controlling the blood vessels overlaps with the function of the heart in western medicine which is to pump blood through the entire body. Even the idea of the heart housing the mind can be easily explained in western medicine. The mind, or the brain, needs a huge amount of nutrients and blood flow at all times in order to properly function. When our blood is deficient in nutrients (like when people are on unhealthy diets) the brain function will slowly deteriorate. This can be seen as poor concentration, bad memory, and fatigue. Also, if the heart is not functioning properly, we can see similar impacts. Another explanation for the heart housing the mind can be seen with our emotions. A lot of religions and spiritual belief systems suggest people to live from their hearts in order to have an inspired life. This again suggests a relationship between our ability to think and our hearts. The main emotion of the heart, in Chinese medicine, is joy. It is said that too much joy or too little joy can hurt the heart. A healthy heart can be shown in our facial complexion and the tip of the tongue shows heart imbalances. The body fluid of the heart is sweat and the main color of the heart is red. Last, the heart impacts our dreams when it is imbalanced.

The heart is a fairly small meridian with only 9 acupuncture points. The meridian starts from the middle of the arm pit, goes down the medial side of the arm to the tip of our pinky finger. The heart meridian can also be called the Hand Shao Yin Meridian which is connected to the Foot Shao Yin Meridian, also known as the Kidneys. It is said in Chinese medicine that the heart is the fire of the body and the kidneys are the water, showing an inner relationship between the heart and kidneys. The heart is a yin organ whose paired yang organ is the small intestine. This shows a relationship between our ability to digest food and our emotions. The time of the heart is 11am-1pm which suggests that we are the happiest when the day is at its peak. Below are the most common points used on the heart meridian.

HT-3- clears phlegm or heat from the heart

HT-6- good point for clearing night sweats and tonifying the heart blood.

HT-7- this is the main point used on the heart channel. It is used for insomnia, heart imbalances, palpitations, emotional congestion, and memory/concentration issues.

"It's not every day that you come across a healer that truly embodies the qualities that I always envisioned a healer to have, especially in our current world where healthcare has become more about money and less about patient care.

Ben is someone who I believe is approaching his patients from his heart because he interacts with me as an equal, not as a person with a certain disease.

I have seen Ben for 4 months now, and acupuncture (with Chinese herbs) has become a regular routine for my health. "

~GW, Everett, Wa

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