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The kidneys are one of the most important organs in Chinese medicine. They have many functions that do not coincide with western medicine. The only similarity that is shared between the east and west in regards to kidney function is its regulation of water in the body. In Chinese medicine, the kidneys store our essence or Jing. Essence is the life force given to us from our parents that allows us to develop and grow in a full, healthy way. Kids who are considered to have a Jing or essence deficiency can be developmentally challenged, can be born with diseases, can mature slowly, or not grow to their full height. Since the kidneys store our Jing it should not be surprising that other functions of the kidneys include controlling our growth and development, reproduction and bone growth.

Western medicine has its own equivalent of Jing but they call it the endocrine system. The endocrine system is a group of glands that regulates our body by releasing hormones directly into the blood stream. These glands (and their hormones) control our growth, our temperature, our metabolism, our blood pressure, our reproductive systems among a million other functions. The endocrine system is considered to be part of the kidneys functions within Chinese medicine.

The kidney meridian starts from the bottom of our foot, travels up the inside of our leg, goes up the mid part of our torso and ends at our collar-bone. Another name for the kidneys is the Foot Shao Yin whose paired partner, the Hand Shao Yin, is the Heart Meridian. The Heart and the Kidneys have a deep relationship within our bodies. The kidneys are said to be the water and the heart is said to be the fire. Both these organs keep each other in balance at all times. The kidneys are a yin organ whose paired yang organ is the urinary bladder. The kidneys are represented by the element water, its color is black, its taste is salty, its season is winter, its temperature is cold, and its emotion is fear. Below is a list of the common points used on the kidney meridian.

KD-1- great point for bringing down energy from the head and calming the mind

KD3- this is the main controlling point on the kidney meridian and functions to put the kidneys back in balance

KD-6-this point is commonly used to tonify the yin in the body

KD-7- this is a great point for helping control the function of water metabolism within the body

KD-9- this is an interesting point because it is considered the beautiful baby point in Chinese medicine. It can supposedly be needled while a woman is pregnant to make their baby beautiful.

KD- 22 through KD-27 – these points are considered ghost points in Chinese medicine meaning they help ones spirit get back in balance.

"I was delightfully surprised after my first acupuncture visit with Ben. I had never received acupuncture before and I honestly was quite nervous about it. The way in which Ben treated me was very warm and comforting. He allowed me to get over my own personal needle fears and try acupuncture.

And I am so thankful that I did because it impacted my life in a very positive way. His treatments helped me remove my back pain and to finally be able to sleep fully through the night. I would highly recommend going to Seattle Acupuncture and Coaching for any of your personal health needs"

~SH, Seattle, Wa

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