What Is Cupping ?

Cupping is a part of the ancient legacy of acupuncture and Chinese medicine although it is just now starting to get some mainstream attention. Although the process of cupping tends to leaves bruises, it actually feels like getting a deep tissue massage and most patients fall in love with it after their first cupping treatment.

There are many styles of cupping out there, the most traditional style being stationary cupping, where a cup is placed on one specific part of the body and left there for a certain amount of time (this is what most of the celebrities and athletes are having done). However, in our office we do running cupping where a glass cup is moved up and down certain body parts, typically the neck and back, because it releases a huge amount of stress and tension and often has greater benefits for the clients.

What Benefits Come From Being Cupped?
There are a lot of benefits from cupping, which is why clients keep coming back for more after their first session. First, cupping releases muscle fascia which means muscles are looser and more relaxed, with increased range of motion in that area of the body. Second, it decreases body pain by relaxing muscles, enhancing blood flow and soothing the nervous system. Third, cupping detoxifies the body, it dredges toxins to the surface and helps the body remove them. And last, it effectively removes stress off of the body, decreasing anxiety, depression and helping people sleep better.

Does Cupping Hurt?
Cupping can be uncomfortable in the same way a deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable, which varies from person to person, but overall it does not hurt. We always check in and gauge how each client is feeling and adapt to whatever tolerance or sensitivity they have.

Do The Bruises Hurt?
Bruising happens within the first 3-4 treatments of cupping but afterwards, the body has rebalanced and the bruising no longer occurs. This bruising is caused by toxins being brought to the surface and the muscle fascia being released. These bruises typically do not hurt past the first 24 hours because they are superficial bruises, unlike ones you get when something physically traumatic happens to the body. Clients can sometimes feel a tiny bit sore immediately after treatment but very quickly that soreness goes away. However, the bruises can last anywhere from 3-5 days. Bruises go away faster each time you receive cupping until you no longer have them after receiving cupping.

Does Cupping Really Work?
For most people who have tried it, cupping feels great and really helps. Clients feel looser, calmer, lighter and more balanced. If you have any curiosities about cupping, the best thing to do is try it first hand and you will know how relaxing and effective it is for you.

Cupping is not performed by itself but is included in an acupuncture treatment. Schedule online today to try it or come in for a free 30 minute consultation.

5/23/20 - The office is open for in person acupuncture and coaching sessions. Virtual coaching sessions are also still available.
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