SOMASSAGE® is a 90-minute structural integration and fascial release massage. It is designed based around Soma Neuromuscular Integration® theories, which helps to reorder the body’s fascial connections improving balance, movement and reducing pain.

The fascia is a web of connective tissue, usually found as bands of tissue, that surround and connect all the internal parts of the body together, it is everywhere! More specifically in SOMASSAGE®, these bands wrap around and connect all the muscles in your body, contributing to the tension/pain you carry in specific areas, how you hold yourself and how your body moves.

Over the course of our lives there are many factors that impact how our fascia is oriented including gravity, repetitive activities/movements, specific muscle weaknesses (and strengths), stress and lack of exercise. SOMASSAGE® evaluates how your body is currently being carried and where it is stuck, and proceeds to unlock and reorganize your fascial network, freeing you up to move better, feel more balanced, reduce your pain/tension and increase your wellness.

It is a wonderful modality for everyone to experience. Schedule your first session today!

5/23/20 - The office is open for in person acupuncture and coaching sessions. Virtual coaching sessions are also still available.
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